History of Interior Design: Ancient China
August 7, 2014
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Medieval Great Room

In Medieval times, people lived nearby together and life was centered around the great hall. This room was the main space where all daily activities took place; a multipurpose room. The great hall was usually two stories high and was used for sleeping, dining, recreation, and administration. A large fireplace would be placed along an exterior wall for heating the room and cooking. The hood of the fireplace would have been adorned with carvings or the family’s coat of arms.

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Modern Great Room

Modern great rooms, or living rooms, reflect some of the same qualities as their Medieval counterpart. There are tall, two story ceilings, fireplaces, and statement occasional chairs. In Medieval times chairs were a symbol of power and were reserved for the master of the home.

ali wentworth, living room, coastal cottage

Ali Wentworth’s Living Room fit for hosting

Even in the richest of homes there might have only been two chairs! While the cost of chairs has gone down, the host and hostess chair keep this custom alive.

modern farm house, dining table, dining chairs, upholstered dining chairs, host and hostess chair, pheasant fabric, beautiful light fixture, flower light fixture

A homey modern farmhouse dining set complete with stunning host and hostess chairs

modern formal dining room, tropical traditional dining room, upholstered host and hostess chairs, host and hostess with buttons, upholstered chair buttons

Eclectic dining room with hints at traditional, contemporary, and transitional with buttoned host + hostess chairs

tuscan style, dining table, upholstered dining chairs, host and hostess chair, tuscan cottage

Tuscan Cottage with Modern Twist on Host and Hostess

-Anna Blackburn, Timeless Interiors

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