History of Interior Design: Ancient Rome

History of Interior Design: Ancient Greece
July 24, 2014
How to Find a Good Upholsterer
August 5, 2014
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Can’t get enough interior design history. Here’s another historic tHursday:

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Ancient Rome

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While the eruption of Mount Vesuvius preserved interiors, there are not many original pieces of furniture that were constructed of wood left. Because the Romans were influenced by the Greeks, many Roman forms look very similar to that of the Greeks. The most evident characteristic is the curule, or double-X form, at the base. Like the ancient Egyptian and Greek stools, this stool was also meant to be moved from room to room.

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Remember the first post here on Ancient Egypt and their X stool? The modern rendition of the curcule hasn’t changed much. Like the ancient Egyptian stool, we are using new materials now. Romans may have accented with bone and ivory. Now we benefit more from metals and alloys, and all sorts of diverse materials form across the globe… but no matter where you go you just can’t get away from an X stool.

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And a little Gladiator for your reward.

Anna Blackburn, Timeless Interiors

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