History of Interior Design: Ancient Greece

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July 23, 2014
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July 31, 2014
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Are you ready for another history tHursday? Forget Thor, here we go…

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Before Gerard Butler there was Leonidas at Thermopylae by Jacques David

Ancient Greece

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One of the most influential pieces to come from ancient Greece is the Klismos chair. The Klismos chair had three distinct characteristics: sabre legs (legs that curve out opposite each other), a back shaped to fit the human body, and a curved back rail. Call it the first ergonomic chair created with a distinctive style.

klimos chair, greek chair, ancient greece

Klimos Chair

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Unfortunately there are no actual artifacts left of an original Klismos chair, but based on what we know from the carvings and paintings from the Greeks, the chairs were more than likely made of wood. You can read about it in the Iliad, for example, though it seemed synonymous with “armchair” there.

klimos chair, collage

Here are different examples of a modern take on the Greek’s Klismos chair. Some have bottom cushions, some have back cushions, and others are just wood, like the “original” Klismos chair in Ancient Greece. Maybe you even have one in your home now?

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