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July 10, 2014
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Why does the history of interior design matter? How do ancient cultures, or some not that far removed from our everyday lives, influence your work, home, and taste? Here is the first in a series of short examinations of design history.

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No one can escape classic cinema!

Ancient Egypt!

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In ancient Egypt there were three basic building materials: stone, mud, and wood. Most of the furniture from this period were made from the different types of native wood. Wealthy people and royalty were buried in a tomb with many of their possessions for the afterlife. (If you recall, sometimes along with their internal organs : )

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An early Egyptian stool

You may be interested to hear about one popular item discovered in these tombs: an early version of a stool. Like in the photo above, these ancient stools were designed in an “X” shape so they could be easily folded and transported from one room or house to the other. This made it easier for them to move it around in the hereafter.elle decor, stools, living room, interior design, interior design history

Today we see many stools that have taken on this same idea and “X” look while incorporating modern materials such as suede, leather, and or metal with an added cushion to make for a more comfy seat. This is also probably a precursor to our modern ottoman, although you don’t have to take too crazy a guess to figure out where they came from…

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Anna Blackburn, Timeless Interiors

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