History of Interior Design: Ancient China

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August 6, 2014
History of Interior Design: Medieval
August 14, 2014
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How about another interior design history tHursday. This time –

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Terracotta Warriors

Ancient China

Integrating the interior and exterior was and still is a very important part of Chinese interiors. Houses of all sizes would plan for a central courtyard. Grills and lattices were used to help with the integration of the two environments.latices, vegetation, indoor courtyard

china, architecture, chinese styleToday, designers are still inspired by the ancient Asian screens and lattices. We still use them to find ways of incorporating the outdoor environment inside.

outdoor dining, architecture digest, outdoor livingIn more modern times, this idea has taken off. Study after study laud the improvement in learning if there are windows bringing the outside in, or living plants in classrooms. Some have even suggested that we live longer if we take care of other living things, like plants or pets in our homes. So, why fight it, invite the outside in!

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