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July 17, 2014
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Color theory is super important when doing interior decorating, or it’s more professionalized cousin, interior design. Art Institute instructor Austin Pittman states that, “Color theory really is an expansive, as well as fascinating realm to explore.”

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Some common color ideas

In particular, colors range from influencing moods and invoking emotions to simply conveying a visual message to the user of the space. Why? A visual message adds clarity and strength. Color theory is most important to the design field. Not just interior design, but graphic design, industrial design, and all other design facets that shape and influence our everyday lives.

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Arguably, color is the most important component in interior design. And as a word of warning, as designers we cannot let our personal preference of color interfere with what the true nature of the design should be. We have to be open to the clients likes and opinions as well as what the style of the space is destined to be. Moreover, the right or slightly wrong colors can make or break any design project and space for decades to come.

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When it comes down to making selections of color, there has to be a form of logic and organization involved. If not, colors could clash and total chaos could arise among spatial forms. Sure, in China red might be the color of success, but I can assure you that it’s not only in China that people associate colors with the abstract. When did Pink become girly? Green is a symbol for organic and nature. Yellow is vibrant and alive. I’m sure you can think of more examples.

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Dying for more color theory? 

Undecided with color choices? Take into consideration one of the following summer color palettes for your next project!

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One of my favorites comes from the 2014 Sherwin Williams Spring Collection. It gives the vibe of sand like tones matched with cool wavy blues. Great for summer DIY projects! What are your favorites?

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Sherwin Williams

Timeless Interiors, Jakiya Mixon, Assoc. AIA

A little something extra for the marketing nerds out there (from 2010 as you can see)…

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